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I’m so happy to say that the Dillon sofa we ordered from DFS at the beginning of summer is here and has transformed the feeling of our living room! The Dillon is a Sofa Workshop collaboration with DFS and I’ve been told, is proving to be a very popular model in the DFS stores. Now that we’ve been putting it through its paces for the past few weeks, I can understand why.

kids on the dfs dillon large sofa in graphite

You might have already noticed our new Dillon sofa in the photos I published recently on our new home cinema, courtesy of the Epson projector replacing our television. If so, good on you for being so eagle eyed! The projector and the new sofa were all part of a personal challenge to make our house feel more homely and less of a blank, magnolia-walled rental property. We plan to stay in our current home for a long time.  It was about time it stopped having a transient feel.

Taking time to invest* in furniture and decorative items was pivotal to us putting a stamp on our living space. We loosely agreed on a colour scheme, something I’ve never worried about before. We’re going for dark grey, with copper and oak accents. (Look at me sounding all grown up.)

Biggie with lyrics poster from etsy in room makeover

nelson mandela artwork from etsy

For the first time in ages, we took the time out to buy some artwork. We bought three bold pieces from our neighbour’s daughter. He sadly passed away earlier this year and she held a fundraiser to raise money for a charity he’d cared about. We also bought a Nelson Mandela and Notorious B.I.G print from Etsy and had them framed, along with photos of the girls, printing them in black and white to complement the sofa. The photo of Bob at the end is the one I mentioned previously as being earmarked for replacement as The King doesn’t like it!

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review of dfs dillon large sofa

Our grey Dillon sofa is a cornerstone item in our room. It’s one of two large items of furniture, the other being our oversized wooden dining table. Our Dillon is super large at 225cm in width,  easily accommodating the entire family on it comfortably. This is something our old sofa never did, even when there was only three people in the family! We’ve had all of us stretched out with covers thrown over us whilst we’ve sat down for a film night on many occasions already.

large storage footstool and large sofa from dfs dillon range


The cushions are fibre filled, I only realised afterwards that there was an option to have them foam filled. The foam would have given them a firmer feel and wouldn’t have needed daily plumping, but I don’t mind plumping them. I basically karate chop them into shape at the end of each day. It’s a good bit of exercise and therapeutic to boot.

I had a lovely, really knowledgable guy round from the upholstery team to repair a broken zipper on the underneath of the sofa. He advised I could always request to have the cushions foam filled at a later date if I changed my mind. It’s really useful to know in case plumping becomes tiresome. The zipper was knocked off either during transit or maybe when the drivers were getting the sofa into the house??  We’re really not sure, but it was great how fast DFS had an expert round to look at it!

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the king watching programs on tablet on dfs dillon sofa

I wasn’t sure about the fabric for a long time, as it’s pretty textured rather than smooth. Now though, I like the extra warmth it gives to the room. The baby is fascinated with raking her fingers along the fabric and luckily it’s proved a tight enough weave to be durable against family life and withstand the attention of a 5 month old baby’s current obsession.

Princess and Bob playing on the Dillon large sofa

large dillon storage footstool from dfs and sofaworkshop

I’m so happy we bought the storage footstool. It’s going to come in handy as extra seating when Princess has friends over or if we have guests round. It’s also great for keeping our endless stash of blankets in. Most of the time you can find me with my feet up on it, especially when the girls are in bed and us adults have the evening to ourselves. We’re very tempted to invest in a Dillon Snuggler chair too. It’s like an oversized armchair. I think it would be lovely for the girls to cosy up in. We weren’t certain there’d be room for another piece of furniture but I’m sure it’ll work now!

Using the Match Made by DFS service worked for us. The sofas shortlisted through the method were spot on and I’m glad we chose the Dillon sofa. The deep seats, fabric texture and overall design really fit in with the needs of our family. The only way it could have been even better is if it could have come as a sofa bed. Luckily it’s so large that if the girls wanted to crash out on it with friends, they  could, anyway!

Buying a new sofa is a big decision as it’s something you intend to live with for years. We’re really pleased with our choice. What do you think? Would you have gone a different way colour or design wise?

*DFS gifted us the Dillon large sofa. We paid money on top for the large storage foot stool because both the King and I thought it was a pretty cool extra bit of seating. All  views expressed are my own.

Review of the dillon sofa from DFS and sofa workshop

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