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Does the Secret Saviours band really keep away stretch marks?

February 18, 2017
review secret saviours bump band anti stretch marks

It’s been a few months since I started using my Secret Saviours belly band and lotions (day cream and night cream) so I feel I can give some real feedback on what it’s like. I could’ve waxed lyrical about how much I loved the feel of the band from day one but thought it best I wait. To be honest, my view hasn’t changed. I still love my belly band. It gives me a light support and leave my tummy feeling hugged.

week 29 in secret saviours anti stretch mark band review

What’s included in the pack?

You can choose to buy the band by itself, with the day and night creams or buy either cream separately. I have the kit with both creams.

secret saviours anti stretch mark

What does the Secret Saviours kit do?

The belly band is marketed as an anti-stretch mark band. The band supports your stomach and prevents stretch marks from forming by gripping and supporting the skin evenly on the surface thanks to their patented pads.

“The patented system consists of a comfortable Anti Stretch Mark Band lined with pads of varying sizes arranged in a random pattern. This seemingly accidental arrangement is actually designed to dissipate stresses and strains and make it more difficult for any internal tears to spread down a straight line of least resistance.”


circus mum in pregnancy support band secret saviours

The pads are small and you can’t feel them when you wear the anti stretch mark band. You can buy the band with the Secret Saviours Day and Night cream. Both creams smell divine and even when I was going through the worst of my morning sickness (right up until week 24) neither cream aggravated it. The cream really soothed my stomach and I always look forward to my morning and nightly rituals of massaging the cream into my skin.


My personal experience of the Secret Saviours Anti Stretch Mark Belly Band

I love it. Like you can’t already get that from what I’ve said above right? But no, seriously. I’ve not had any stretch marks yet. My bump is on the small side, so I don’t know if that plays a part. People still look at me surprised when I mention I’m pregnant! This could say more about them than me though. Or is it just a sign that when you’re overweight, they can’t see past that? I feel enveloped in support when I’m wearing my band. There’s been the odd morning where I’ve forgotten to wear the band and I’ve really missed the support it gives my tummy. It’s become as everyday as slipping on my bra.

heart shape over bump
I’ve recommended the product to some other pregnant mums. I love that for me, it’s kept the stretch marks at bay. The ones from my last pregnancy have started to brighten again, but no new ones is still a bonus. Also, I’ve found the routine of applying the creams really therapeutic. It’s a real chance to spend a quiet moment bonding and chatting to the baby.

Personally, I found many of my stretch marks formed after the baby, as I lost weight quite fast. I plan to wear the band after I’ve given birth and continue to apply the creams. I’ll update and let you know if it makes any difference to those marks too.

I have to say a massive thank you to my 8 year old daughter for playing photographer. She took the photos in this post and I think she did an OK job. Let’s ignore that some are kind of out of focus. They’re not bad for an 8 year old who really didn’t want to stop playing Mario Kart to humour her mum but did anyway!

secret saviours anti stretch mark band for pregnancy

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