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A weekend of family time and films

silent unday photo regents canal

double decker coca cola busThis weekend started off with a bang, well a rumble of thunder which sent the dog into a tizzy and my mood to an all time low. Luckily my mood brightened up as fast as the weather and it was smiles all round by the time we went for mid afternoon gymnastics. I say we, as it makes it sound as if I also took part in some form of physical activity, when in fact, the most I did during the hour Princess was in the gymnasium, was walk about 50 metres to the corner shop for a drink because it was ridiculously warm, then chill out in the comfort of the air conditioned reception area catching up on my Twitter timeline.

We did have some fun and even I got some exercise during the rest of Saturday. We walked the long way home, taking in the local weir and some empty park land. We also headed off to a restaurant in Kings Cross called KitchinN1 where we had a really nice buffet style meal and Princess ate her weight in ice cream.

spelling activities

rainy window pane

hunter wellies kids red

trees summers day

KichinN1 store front

Sunday was really laid back, we ventured out at what felt like the crack of dawn and ended up at the cinema. Of course, we HAD to watch Maleficent. I say this like it wasn’t what I wanted to do all along, when really, I’d been leaving not so subtle hints to Princess all week, hoping she’d want to see it and give me a good excuse to watch. Great film (shout out to Angelina Jolie’s make up artist, the contouring on her cheek bones was amazing).

odeon cinema
Sunday being hair day, I washed, blow dried and plait Princess’ hair using Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture products which made it so painless and manageable. The King and I were meant to enjoy the Gumball Rally in the West End of London together, but I had to give it a miss, he still went, but with some friends from work instead. I had a big afro to tame in time for school picture day!
All in all, it was a really nice, laid back weekend with lots of family time. What did you get up to? Hope you got to make the most out of the sunshine!


2 thoughts on “A weekend of family time and films

    • June 10, 2014 at 10:48 am

      Aww glad he liked the bus! I thought it was quite a snazzy one too! The new double deckers are amazing! Thanks for stopping by, I think Point and Shoot is going to be my new favourite obsession!


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