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Why I can’t wait to turn thirty

[dropcap] It’s funny [/dropcap] how when you’re a teen, the thought of being thirty years old just seems ancient and something to be avoided at all costs. This may seem ageist and immature, to be fair it probably is both, but when I was younger, I hoped I’d never live to be old. I just didn’t see what was left to be explored, accomplished or enjoyed after your forties (eek, how pessimistic and small minded was teenage-Tin!) now though, aged twenty nine, I hope I live to reach at least ninety! To have a chance to see all the weird and wonderful advancements in society and technology that I’m sure to witness, in the same way my grandparents were able to see the advancements. Take communication as an example. Staying in touch with loved ones move from letter form to fax, email and now be as simple as pressing a button from one mobile phone to another and being met with the live streaming video of a relative half way across the ocean, something that would have seemed like pure science fiction when they were kids.

Just imagine what we have to look forward to and in what ways we may see our lives enriched because of it. I’m thirty next year and it is probably the decade I’m most looking forward to living through. Maybe not for the historical or technological steps I think we’ll witness but at least on a more individual scale, I think it may be full of the nicest changes. That being said, my twenties saw the first black American president, maybe my thirties will see the first female, ethnic minority prime minister in the UK?


My teens were really a mixture of ‘F*ck you’ world and oh my gosh look at all these boys. Like seriously, what I wanted to do when I grew up was kind of insignificant and just tucked away at the back of my peripheral vision somewhere, next to school work and exams. How I managed to pass my exams with somewhat decent grades is a mystery till this day though if my parents ask, lets pretend I studied really hard and gave them my all shall we?

Early Twenties

Early twenties was a time full of self inflated egos, the promise of world domination and a never ending supply of cheap alcohol from student bars and foreign adventures. It was a time of self awareness and also the realisation that what I did with my life could have a lasting impression on those around me and perhaps even the world as a whole depending on what I chose to focus our efforts on. It only takes one voice, one book, one person to stand up for what they believe in to make a ripple.

My early twenties was full of anticipation, promise, heartbreaks and making up. It was an exploration of self. An introduction to other ways of doing things and when I probably met the most interesting and influential people.

Mid and lateTwenties

My mid twenties were spent in a ‘why me’ fog of tears, bills, disappointment and frustration. Frustration for not accomplishing what insignificant societal goals I’d placed upon myself. Frustration at not being able to do everything I wanted with my young family. Frustration about not being and looking like who I thought I should be, and mostly frustration about not really knowing exactly who I was meant to be anyway! Yeah, my mid twenties were interesting and thankfully didn’t last very long!

The last couple of years have been trying but in a mostly self inflicted, you live and you learn kind of way. It’s seen me switch jobs, change industries and take huge chances. Some of them failed colossally and taught me to be much more careful on where and to whom I place my trust and to once again look inside myself and trust my gut. That said, I’m proud of having the strength that experience and age gave me which allowed me to make the decisions I did.

Bring on Thirty Please

A year before I turn thirty and I find myself jumping the gun and ticking the 30-35 age bracket on forms anyway. It’s like twenty nine, you are a non year that’s standing in the way of my true age. I still act like I’m eighteen for most of the time, but a more self assured, contented eighteen than would have been the case the first time round. This is me, the eighteen year old thirty year old. That’s a thing. Get with it. At thirty twenty nine, I am happy. Not because I have all the material things I’ve ever wanted or because I’ve suddenly come into a tonne of money.


I’m happy because I’ve finally realised what makes me happy is taking the time to appreciate every moment in front of me. To notice when the daffodils are out, to appreciate waking up to sunlight and a bacon sandwich on a Saturday. To know that although I’ve not treated my body like much of a temple, it as been loyal to me and stayed healthy and to know I’ve got decades ahead of me in which I will treat it with more respect and devotion.

So basically, 2014 I don’t want to rush you or anything, but let’s hurry it along a little bit please as I can’t wait to have a blow out birthday party and let my thirties begin!

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