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>Throwing a Baby Shower


I was given the honor of co-hosting a baby shower for my cousin. The second host is a good friend of my cousin’s and it was left in our capable hands to arrange all aspects including the guest list and food.

Invites were easy, we set up a Facebook page and invited those we knew were her nearest and dearest to a private events page where we posted information about the shower and shared ideas on what we wanted to buy the mother and baby to be so as not to duplicate gifts.

mummy to be

Decorations were sorted by the lovely co-host Leanne who did a fabulous job sourcing Baby Shower themed balloons, banners and table decorations. She also came up trumps on the soft drinks front and could have literally satisfied ten times the amount of guests! (Thank you Leanne!)

Food was a breeze, I bought some blue M&M’s which were going to be made into favours but instead ended up on the treats table. Everything else was cold buffet style and ordered from Marks and Spencer. We had a seafood platter of sadnwiches, another classic meat based platter and some cute ‘catterpilla’ style rolls for the kids. The quality was great but I may make the kids rolls myself next time as all of the little ones ignored the majority of fillings and stuck to the ham and cheese filling! Some of the guests also brought food and cakes too so we had more than enough to nibble on!

This was the first baby shower I’d hosted so I did spend a bit of time panicking about what type of food to prepare and what people would expect. In the end I figured that with us being quite young and it being a mostly American tradition, the chances were it would be most of the guest’s maiden baby shower too so there would be no preconceptions and I should just trust my gut and go with what I thought the mummy to be would enjoy.

babsy shower frood marks and spencers sandwiches
Sandwiches and quiches from Marks and Spencer

Baby Blue M&Ms from M&M world

baby shower cake
personalised cake from Patisserie Valerie

Our baby shower games included ‘how well do you know the mummy?’, ‘make the baby’ and ‘guess the baby food’ all of which went down really well with the guests. My tip would be to plan and prep for more baby shower games than you think you’ll have time to get through as you won’t know until the day just how enthusiastic (or not as the case may be) the guests will be. Also remember that if people do not show up, some baby shower games will be over much faster due to the smaller than anticipated number of participants!

make the baby game

guess the baby food game

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