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>How do I save money: By thinking BIG!


Its an age old truth; buy in bulk and save! That’s how your local supermarkets and discounted
fashion retailers such as Primark are able to sell their products to us at such a low price. There may
be 100 pairs of super skinny mauve jeans in your local store but they bought 100,000 of them from
their suppliers at probably a couple of pence per item.

Now we could moan at the injustice of the situation, we could pump our fists in the air and begrudge
them the extortionate mark ups, but Economies of Scale is and always will be a pivotal fact of
commerce, plus why moan when we can join them and benefit in the same ways?

I like venturing out to large wholesalers such as Costco once every few months to buy massive packs
of party food and washing powder. Some of the time you literally get a good third more product
for your money but you have to make sure you have spare space in your house as the items are
normally massive! You may save money but you certainly won’t be saving space!

A good idea is to go to the wholesalers with a friend or relative, both of you may need washing
up liquid but not a pack of 6, split them once you get home and not only have you saved some
money but also some cupboard space! I usually do this with my mum, we’ll bag ourselves a bargain
Spittalfields or Billingsgate Markets then split the goodies when we get home.

There are not enough mouths to feed in either of our houses to warrant us having a box of 10 whole
salmon or half a dozen chickens in the deep freezer but when you are paying such amazing prices
buying them direct, you’d be crazy not to buy it and split it with people. You could bag a whole
salmon for the price of two supermarket salmon fillets! Granted you have to wake up at the crack of
dawn but it’s a great way to save a lot of money and guarantee super fresh, quality produce!

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