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>Shaping our community- FREE SCHOOL


I have always been interested in self improvement and reaching ones full potential. I am a strong believer in life long learning and am embarrassed at how overly sure of myself I was when a teen, how much I disregarded the wise words and lessons my elders tried to bestow on me.

I posted this photograph in a recent blog with a sub heading about seeing potential. I wanted to explain what I meant by this. For years I have passed this building and seen it either sitting derelict or housing various non de-script clothing manufacturers.

When I was younger I used to come up with various uses for this building, I used to daydream about making it into a youth centre, then an affordable housing scheme (the local council also had this idea but nothing ever came of it??). When I took this picture I saw another potential use.

A free school.

We plan on moving from the town in which we currently reside in order to give Princess a better chance at a good, well rounder education. I saw this building and thought -

 “why not bring the good school to her?”

I am talking about free schools. State funded schools which are set up by local parents, businesses (on a not-for -profit basis), religious groups and or charities. They do not have to follow a particular framework as to size/ type but they are ofsted registered and have to follow strict guidelines in certain areas such as financial planning.

There is a great shortage of good schools in my area and think this would be a great site to provide children with a first class education from inspiring, enthusiastic individuals and teachers*. I did a quick tour of Google and it seems that others have thought the same and I’m pleased to see that a free school is already opened in my town. Click here to have a gander

Would you consider working with other parents to open up a school that fits with the ethos you want for your children’s educations? I know it would be a big challenge but I admit it is one I would love to get my teeth stuck into.

*(teachers in Free Schools will not necessarily need to have Qualified Teacher Status but must be CRB checked- meaning you could invite Densel Washington to give drama lessons on his days off from Hollywood or Jamie Oliver to hold home ec classes)

*** Added 15.25 on 30 June ***
 Thank you to all the people who have contacted me about setting up a free school. I think it is wonderful that so many of you share my goals! Please email me if you are interested and lets make this work!!

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  1. Ditzy Mummy

    June 30, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    >Great idea, they're setting up one near us with Toby Young driving it. Not sure about Latin classes but its great people power.


  2. rach_t

    June 30, 2011 at 10:49 am

    >Wonderful idea, every child deserves the best possible education to set them up for life. I've never heard of this before, its great to see. I wish there were more pro active minds and projects like this in Wales :)


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