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>Love the Flutterbys


This may not look like the most beautiful butterfly in the world but I promise you it is worthy of being a PrettyWonderfulThing. How many of us Londoner’s have seen a butterfly chowing down to a lunch of fresh Orange?
I took this picture at Natural History Museum’s Butterfly Exhibition. It cost me less than £10 for three adults and Princess to enter so it was also pretty light on the pocket.
This was a very child friendly environment, filled with many different tropical plants, trees and of course, butterflies.They also had activity sheets with special stamps which were located around the exhibit making it truly interactive.
The first thing to hit you when you walk into the enclosure is luckily not a butterfly in your face but the heat! It is very warm inside so be careful what you wear! They had bottles of water for sale at the ticket booth which seemed odd at the time but made perfect sense upon entering!
Both my daughter and a friend claimed to be scared of butterflies but both had to admit that by the end of it, seeing them on such an intimate level, they were no longer scared by the prospect of bumping into them down a dark alley, or should that be sunny forest walk?

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